Roman TEDxPlease note that I’ll only be doing a limited number of events in 2015 while I work on a new book.

December 10: Empathy Training for UK Employment Tribunal Judges, Judicial College.

January 21-23 2015: I’m speaking on Empathy and Work at the Canadian Human Resources Professionals Association annual conference in Toronto.

February 2 2015: I’ll be in Amsterdam for a public conversation with the French Buddhist monk and happiness guru Matthieu Ricard about his new book Altruism.

Spring 2015: If you’re in Zagreb, I’ll be doing launch events for the Croatian editions of The Wonderbox and Empathy (published by Planetopija).

Some recent events

Google HQ California, TEDx Athens, Southbank Festival of Love, Friends of the Earth, Edinburgh International Festival, Hay Literary Festival, British Library, Royal Society of the Arts, De Rode Hoed Amsterdam, The School of Life London/Rio/Amsterdam/Antwerp, UK Employment Judges Judicial College, Wandsworth Prison for the Reading Agency, Latitude arts festival, Greenbelt festival, Soho House, New Economics Foundation Bigger Picture Festival, London Literature Festival, Cheltenham Festival of Literature, Escape the City, Interesting Talks, Wilderness Festival, The Idler Academy, Bristol Festival of Ideas, South-West London Humanist Association, Stoke Newington Literature Festival, Alternatives, School of Life London, Blackwell’s Oxford, London Philosophy Club, Shoreditch House, Oxford Literary Festival, Year Here, Roots of Empathy, Pearson-Ashoka Reimagining Learning, Salon London, Action for Happiness, Wood Festival, Anxiety Festival, Sunday Times Education Festival, Empathy Lab, Resurgence Festival of Wellbeing, Isle of Wight Literary Festival, Forgiveness Project, Brainwash Festival Amsterdam, Hattery San Francisco, Empathy & Compassion in Society Conference San Francisco, Greater Good Science Center Berkeley, Center for Inspired Teaching Washington DC, Politics & Prose Washington DC, Inter-American Development Bank, Ashoka HQ Washington DC.