The Wonderbox

The Wonderbox by Roman Krznaric.

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Now out in JapaneseKoreanPortuguese, Croatian and Dutch. Coming soon in Spanish, Chinese and Serbian.

About The Wonderbox

What can three millennia of history tell us about better living?

It is common to turn to philosophy, religion or psychology for insights into life’s big questions, but we rarely look to history for inspiration – and when we do it can be surprisingly powerful.

Uncovering the lessons that can be learned from the past, cultural thinker Roman Krznaric explores twelve universal topics, from work and love to money and empathy, and reveals the wisdom that we’ve been missing. What might we learn from the Ancient Greeks about the different varieties of love, from the industrialising British about job satisfaction, or from ancient Japanese pilgrims on the art of travel?

Just as a Renaissance ‘Wunderkammer’ was a curiosity cabinet full of fascinating objects, each with a story behind it, The Wonderbox is full of stories and ideas, ranging from the history of the househusband to the ten senses of the Middle Ages, along with a cast of characters including Mary Wollstonecraft, Helen Keller, and Ku Klux Klan leader CP Ellis, whose approaches to the art of living shed invaluable light on the decisions we make every day.

We often read about the past without thinking about the present, but The Wonderbox is ‘practical history’ – gaining insights from our predecessors on how to live better lives today.

Selected reviews

‘The Wonderbox is a cornucopia of delights. Completely fascinating, beautifully written and brimming with insights.’ Michael Wood, historian, film maker and author of The Story of England

‘A fascinating rattlebag of intelligent, stimulating essays. Carl Wilkinson, Financial Times

‘An amazing compendium of inspirational guidance from the past.’ Sally Morris, Daily Mail

‘Krznaric writes with passion and lucidity.’ Elizabeth Lowry, Wall Street Journal

‘An illuminating and awakening read in its entirety.’ Maria Popova, Brain Pickings

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