How to Find Fulfilling Work

How to Find Fulfilling Work is part of the The School of Life’s practical philosophy series, edited by Alain de  Botton.

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‘How To Find Fulfilling Work is brilliant, insightful and inspirational. If you’re unemployed or looking for more meaningful work this thrilling book will change your life. Mary Anne Hobbes, DJ and music broadcaster

Chosen as one of the Best Books of 2013 at Brain Picker


About How to Find Fulfilling Work

Can you take your working life in new directions?

The desire for fulfilling work is one of the great aspirations of our age and this book reveals how one might make it a reality. It explores the competing claims we face for money and status while doing something meaningful and in tune with our talents. Drawing on wisdom about work that is to be found in sociology, psychology, history and philosophy, Roman Krznaric sets out a practical and innovative guide to negotiating the labyrinth of choices, overcoming the fear of change, and finding a career that makes you thrive.

Are you ready to embark on a ‘radical sabbatical’? Should you strive to be a high achiever or a ‘wide achiever’? Could Leonardo da Vinci or Zorba the Greek help change your career? Overturning a century of traditional – and often mistaken – thought about career change, Roman Krznaric reveals just what it takes to find life-enhancing work.

Read an extract: Ch.1: The Age of Fulfillment

There’s also a great summary of the book over at Brainpickings


In this 15 min video recorded live at the Union Chapel in London, I offer five essential ideas for career change from How to Find Fulfilling Work (and here are some of the ideas animated).

Six Ways to Stop Worrying and Find Work You Love. This is the ultimate summary of the ideas in the book. Published by Yes! Magazine (and the Huffington Post, Greater Good, Career Shifters; and here’s a German version).

Podcast on How to Find Fulfilling Work. A big-picture overview of the book, focusing on experiential learning and being a wide achiever. Interview at Smart People Podcast (starts 5 minutes in, lasts 40 minutes).

Five Ways to Make Work Matter Again – without changing jobs. Published in the Wall Street Journal.

Have We All Been Duped by the Myers-Briggs Test? The shocking truth about personality tests, at Fortune Magazine.

Are you ready for a radical sabbatical? This piece was published on the Guardian Careers Blog. Discover why finding the right job is a bit like dating.

Should we live to work or work to live? I discuss the options (including my time working as a gardener) on Australia’s ABC Radio National.

Are you a high achiever or a wide achiever? An article based on the book originally published in Psychologies Magazine.

Working from Home: The Five Golden Rules. A response to Yahoo’s new boss who wants to ban homeworking, in the Guardian.

Four Ways to Rethink ‘Having It All’ (Without Leaning In). A challenge to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, and the dilemmas of balancing work and family life, in the Wall Street Journal.

Who Are You Trying to Impress? How to Escape Status Anxiety. An article in Psychology Today magazine, about whether we should really try so hard to find a job that sounds cool.

Changing Career in 2013: Your Guide to Making a Fresh Start. A 12-step, month-by-month guide to finding fulfilling work, in the Guardian.

Secret to Happiness: ‘I want this job for a week’. Interview at Salon on why we need to be more experimental in our search for fulfilling work.

How to write a Personal Job Ad. An exercise I devised for The School of Life career change courses. At the Guardian.

How to Find Fulfilling Work Slideshow. Career advice from Vincent Van Gogh, Henry David Thoreau, Albert Schweitzer and George Eliot. At Beliefnet.

Can becoming a social entrepreneur change the world? I talk on Monocle Radio with my School of Life colleague John-Paul Flintoff about whether becoming a social entrepreneur can bring personal fulfilment and change the world too.

What is the greatest book on working ever written? My homage to Studs Terkel’s Working, which inspired my own book. At Powell’s Blog.

10 Advice Books for Graduates. A joint effort with my pal John-Paul Flintoff at The Daily Beast.

Don’t find your vocation – grow it instead. 10min interview on New Hampshire Public Radio’s Word of Mouth show.

How to change career by changing your friends. Interview at Forbes Magazine.

Freedom or security? High achiever or wide achiever? Radio interview on Canada’s CBC Tapestry programme (there’s an expert on the Holy Ghost on before me…)

Career change lessons from a master embalmer. Just one of the topics I discuss on the Jefferson Exchange radio call-in show, National Public Radio, Oregon USA.

How to be experimental in your career journey. 25min interview on the search for fulfilling work with top career and organisational thinker Michael Bungay Stanier at Box of Crayons.

Is there such thing as a dream job? Sorry, no. Interview at Brazil’s Don’t Touch My Moleskine blog (in Portuguese).

How to find fulfilling work, according to science. Article about the book in The Week.

Is fulfilment a realistic career aspiration? Interview on Brian Lehrer’s WNYC radio show.

3 ways to rethink work (articles one, two and three). A series on the book at Business Insider

Why it’s time to abolish career advisors. McQuaig Toronto video.

100 job challenge. Inspired by the book, Bobbie Lane is trying out 100 careers.


‘Leaving your job in search of more fulfilling opportunities is one of life’s most intimidating jumps, and Roman Krznaric’s How to Find Fulfilling Work is an indispensible handbook.’ Peter Holmes a Court in the Australian Financial Review.

This is a book which is both clever and prescriptive without being preachy: it makes you think about work in a new way, as well as offering real exercises and solutions for people who are looking for more fulfilling work.’ Los Angeles Review of Books

‘This latest entry from Picador’s School of Life series is a home run, a good read for new college graduates, quarter-life crisis sufferers, and anyone who wants to make a career change but doesn’t quite know how.’ BookRiot

‘An inspirational self-help book with an intellectual pedigree.’ Kirkus Reviews

‘A quick yet disproportionately enriching read, How to Find Fulfilling Work is excellent in its entirety…one of the best psychology and philosophy books of 2013.’ Brainpickings

‘Krznaric is a congenial writer, and the interweaving of historical fact, psychology, and interviews is nicely done.’ Steven Poole in The Guardian.

‘Useful suggestions on how to test out new professions in your spare time without making a commitment.Publishers Weekly

‘Krznaric’s ability to break down ideas into their small and more easily managed parts  makes this a tremendous read.’ The Good Men Project

‘Packed with suggestions for ways to transform stagnation into inspiration. It will slip easily into a purse or a back pocket. What are you waiting for?’ Dayton Daily News

‘One of my favourite career books.’ Katharine Brooks, Psychology Today

‘Anyone interested in meaningful, well-balanced living will love this pithy guide.’ Bas Bleu

‘Roman’s positive spin on all our career confusion is that the economic uncertainties we find ourselves living in today actually provide us with the impetus to find a new way of working that represents the many sides of who we are. The portfolio life as a legitimate career choice – it sounds good to me.’ Simon Harper in the Huffington Post.

‘The biggest overall takeaway from Krznaric’s short but impactful book is that there is no one path for everyone, and there are no right answers.’ Entomology of a Bookworm

‘Whether you’re looking for fulfilling work in a creative field or a business one, this teeny-tiny book will help point you in the right direction.’ The Airship

How to Find Fulfilling Work is by far the best book I’ve read on finding a career that you enjoy. I love it because it’s practical, shares real stories and science, and it just makes a whole lot of sense to me. A self-help book without the fluff, positive affirmations, and uncovering your childhood trauma. This is self-help for thinking people.’ Jo Savill

‘Inspiring and thought-provoking.’ Good Reads

‘I did it, I quit my job and your book is all to blame. I’m thrilled with my decision though, so thanks for inspiring me.’ International publishing executive

‘I loved How to Find Fufilling Work. I always thought I was a failure across mass career fields…but behold I was just a wide achiever!!’ Afshin Dehkordi, artist and lecturer, University of the Creative Arts (via Twitter)

‘Krznaric shows you how to discover your vocation – perhaps even your mojo!’ Robert Ashton, author and social entrepreneur

‘How to Find Fulfilling Work should be given free to every 14-year-old at secondary school. What I would’ve given for this sort of guidance at that stage in my life.’ A. Lau (5 star Amazon Review)

‘For a small book it really gets to the heart of the matter and guides you with practical suggestions to find your own way to work and life fulfilment. This book really spoke to me like no other career guidance book and I would highly recommend it.’ S. Stone (5 star Amazon Review)

‘If you’re someone who wants to follow their own path in life, but you’re just too worried about making the jump – this book is for you. A very liberating read.’ Rupert Denyer, graphic design executive turned painter (5 star Amazon Review)

‘How to Find Fulfilling Work by Roman Krznaric helped me decide what kind of business I wanted to run.’ Dominique Caron, Design Sponge

‘By combining philosophy and practical advice with an easy-to-read writing style, Krznaric both challenges and educates the reader without sounding overly preachy. Whether you’re between jobs, thinking about making a career switch or deciding on a post-graduation career, this wise little book will provide valuable insights into the quest for meaningful employment.’ blog

‘A stellar shelf of intellectual firepower and easy communicators.’ Tom Kelly reviews The School of Life book series in the Irish Times.

And how about a review in Chinese? And one in Korean?

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