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  1. Loved your talk, thanks Roman. The idea of empathising with strangers and enemies is vital for our cultural evolution. I take crime victims into prisons to groups of inmates. We talk through the impact of crime using a storytelling process, over a period of 8 sessions. Some prison staff have told me that it is the only prison program that works… it has expanded to 24 countries now…

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  3. Thanks for this talk. One thing I would add regarding empathy is the need for humans to grow in awareness of the life and value of non-human organisms, to spend time learning about these lives, and to begin to notice and appreciate their uniqueness and as well as learn about inter-relationships between different organisms. Also, there is a huge need for humans to grow aware of how we impact these organisms and how this affects the web of life.

    I particularly like the idea of using technology as a means of developing empathy between people who we normally would never meet or communicate. Yes, there are both dangers and great potentials to the ‘World Wide Web.’ I also really like the concept of “outrospection” discussed in this video, especially for those of us living in cultures where the ‘individual’s wellbeing and success’ is over-emphasized.