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You may have heard about the online Empathy Library I founded a few months ago. It’s been fantastic to watch it grow. It received over 100,000 visits in its first few weeks of life, and now contains reviews of hundreds of books and films which have been entered by its thousands of users. Anyone can join and add their favourites.

We’re now running our first competition. The message below, from the Empathy Library’s esteemed Head Curator, poet and novelist Sophia Blackwell, tells all. Quick – get your entries in by Sunday October 12!

Dear Friends,

Autumn’s here and it’s time to get our heads down. But instead of the latest notebooks and pencil cases, we’ve got an opportunity for you to get your hands on the books and films that might change your life- not just digitally, but in the post! Who can resist that? Read on for details of our first ever Empathy Library competition.

Some of you might have noticed that we’re on Facebook! But some of you might not be familiar with the contents of the Empathy Library. So…

The Competition

Write on the Facebook page your favourite book/film in The Empathy Library and why, in 100 words or less. Link back to the entry on the Empathy Library site. The best 3 responses get a copy of the book or film you have nominated, and a copy of Empathy: A Handbook for Revolution by Roman Krznaric.

Don’t do Facebook? Don’t despair!

Write a new review of a book or film that’s inspired you. The best new entry wins the book or DVD of your choice- so long as it’s in the Empathy Library.  

Post your final entries on Facebook and/or the website by Sunday October 12th.The rules are at the end of this email.

A Few Ideas:

  • There are no restrictions on how many reviews you write. So even if you’ve already written one, there’s room for more!
  • Include as much information as possible. Ask yourself, what would convince someone else to read or watch your recommendation?
  • If you need some inspiration, visit the Library or visit us on Twitter or Facebook
  • Finally, feel free to spread the word to your friends!

Sample Reviews:

To get you started, here are some of our existing reviews:

  1. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
  2. Untouchable
  3. Secrets and Lies
  4. Wonder
  5. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

All the best,

Sophia Blackwell
Head Curator, Empathy Library

PS: Competition Rules: Entirely open to international competitors but please allow extra time for delivery. If the book or film you choose as your favourite is particularly obscure, we might ask you to submit a second choice. If you already own the book or film you have nominated, feel free to choose another on the site. We’ll be in touch later about your reward- no need to write it into your review.

Find Out More

The Empathy Library was founded by Roman Krznaric and inspired by Roman’s new book, Empathy: A Handbook for Revolution.

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