Carpe Diem Reclaimed – help crowdfund my new book!

Carpe Diem Reclaimed

I’ve got some big news. Today I’m launching the crowdfunding campaign for my new book, Carpe Diem Reclaimed: The Story of A Cultural Hijack, and I’d love your support to make it happen.

The book explores how the spirit of carpe diem – seize the day – has been hijacked by consumer culture, 24/7 entertainment and the mindfulness movement, and how we can claim it back for the art of living and social change.

I’ve made a bold, seize-the-day decision and turned down a contract with a major commercial publisher to launch the book instead with the award-winning crowdfunding publisher Unbound. Crowdfunding is a compelling approach – once used by Dickens and Voltaire – that enables readers to take the lead in deciding the kinds of books that get published. I’m putting my ideas on the line and hope you agree that Carpe Diem Reclaimed is worth backing.

How does it work? Simply visit the campaign page where you’ll see a video and extract from the book. You can then, if you choose, make a financial pledge (think of it like a pre-order with benefits). For £20 you will receive a beautiful hardback edition of the book with your name printed in the back. For larger pledges the rewards range from an invitation to an exclusive Carpe Diem Workshop, to a Real Tennis lesson from the author! When we hit the funding target, the book gets published.

So I would be delighted if you wanted to seize the day with me by pledging support to the book, and sharing the campaign page with friends, family and on social media:

This book is a story that I believe urgently needs to be told, but it needs backing. The most successful crowdfunding campaigns are those that get off to a strong start, so if you believe it’s time to reclaim carpe diem, please seize the day by acting now and help build the momentum!

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