‘Tis the Season to Carpe the Diem


At long last my forthcoming book, Carpe Diem Regained, has itself a cover. I love it. The dancer on the bull seems to me to embody so much of what carpe diem is all about: a vibrant seizing of the moment that is at the same time both defiant and beautiful. She is a modern embodiment of the medieval carnival tradition that calls on us to let loose and take the opportunities that life offers.

As you may know, the book has been crowdfunded through the award-winning crowdfunding publisher Unbound (their latest bestseller is the fantastic The Good Immigrant). There is still time to join the current 450 subscribers to the book before publication early next year. So if you are looking for an unusual Christmas present for family or friends (or even for yourself), check out some of the different pledge levels on offer here.

Amongst them you will find:

  • Carpe Diem Workshop: an exclusive two-hour workshop on how to unleash carpe diem in your life, to be held in London in March (plus a copy of the book, of course).
  • Launch Party Invitation: two tickets to the launch, plus the book. The author will personally fill up your glasses with bubbly.
  • Carpe Diem Body Tattoo: yes, get your lover or favourite aunt a specially designed (temporary) tattoo for those bold moments in life.
  • Now Get The T-Shirt: limited edition t-shirt printed with the five secrets for carpe diem living.
  • A Lovely Collectable Book: just like subscribers to books in the 18th century, get a copy of the book with your (or someone else’s) name printed in the back.

I hope some of these sound enticing. Seasons Greetings to you all.


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