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  1. Noch Noch
    29 February 2012

    One thing I learnt through my depression, is empathy, and to completely try to feel it from others’ shoes. I had always thought people who attempted suicide were “stupid”. It’s not until I was on that verge myself, I understood what it felt like. As I recover from depression, I’ve learnt to be slow to judge, and to find the story behind. Not very good at it yet, but a good lesson.

    Plus, Orwell is my favourite author too

    Stumbled across here at a friend’s recommendation, here in Beijing.

    Noch Noch

  2. Tanja
    6 April 2012

    Funny, but I just read this Orwell’s book and it made me think not only about empathy as such but also solidarity, as for example displays through Orwell’s relationship with Boris in Paris which are possibly related concepts. It makes me think of something else, individualism of contemporary post-industrial society results in very self-centered socialization process, meaning empathy and imagining the way other people live might not be necessary a valuable characteristics. So, I wonder how empathy could be taught, for example in Orwell’s way, mixing with people from different social, ethnic, cultural backgrounds…I’ll try to catch your talk at Hay on Wye festival, it is a very interesting topic :).

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