Carpe Diem in America (and at the movies)

I’m delighted to announce the launch today of the US edition of my new book, titled Carpe Diem: Seizing the Day in a Distracted World (a slight change from the UK title, just to confuse you). You can find out all about it and get yourself a copy at Amazon US or an indy alternative like Powell’s.

If you’re not in the US, I’d be hugely grateful if you could share the following link about the book on social media or email it to a couple of friends who live in TrumpLand:

To mark the launch I’ve written an article based on the book at Psychology Today, on what Jean-Paul Sartre and a fire-walking granny can teach us about life.

And if you’ve not quite got the energy to seize the day right here and now, I’ve also launched today a new micro essay derived from the book, 11 Films to Seize Before You Die. Get a dose of carpe diem curled up on the sofa!

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