Articles and other media based on my book The Good Ancestor.

Sky News: Oh the sweet irony! Interview with Adam Boulton on humanity’s urgent need to think long-term, while the latest movements in the FTSE share index and exchange rates flicker above my head.

BBC Future: Why We Need to Reinvent Democracy for the Long Term – an article on the politics of long-term thinking.

RSA Interview: Discussion with regenerative economy expert Josie Warden about…well everything really, from cathedral thinking to biomimicry.

Hay Festival 2020: Digital talk about the book, chaired by John Mitchinson, with acorn and marshmallow props! (£10 subscription to Hay Player required.)

York Festival of Ideas: 25 min digital talk plus Q&A (with questions on Black Lives Matter, religion and more).

RSA Podcast: Discussion with Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the Royal Society of the Arts, about the big question of the 21st century: How can we be good ancestors?

Open Democracy: article on Four Ways to Redesign Democracy for Future Generations.

Intergenerational Foundation: article of the Three Long-Term Pathways for Human Civilisation

BBC World TV: In this recording from the Hay Festival 2019 on Long-Termism: How to Think in Deep Time, I talk with astronomer Martin Rees and Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales.

BBC Radio 4: The Cathedral Thinkers – Ian Sansom documentary where I discuss the pioneering Victorian sewer engineer Joseph Bazalgette.

Five Books: Interview with Caspar Henderson on my top five books about long-term thinking.

Other media: Greenbelt podcast, Sunday Independent (Ireland), Knack Weekend (Belgium), Joju Solar