Articles and other media based on my book The Good Ancestor.


TED Talk: How To Be A Good Ancestor. Part of TED Global’s Countdown campaign to help tackle the climate crisis.

Sky News: Oh the sweet irony! Interview with Adam Boulton on humanity’s urgent need to think long-term, while the latest movements in the FTSE share index and exchange rates flicker above my head.

CBC Canada: It’s time to include future generations in our vision of the ‘common good’, I argue in this interview on the renowned CBC Ideas radio programme.

Salon London: 25 min talk about The Good Ancestor followed by conversation with economist Kate Raworth and musician Brian Eno.

Renegade Inc TV: Episode dedicated to The Good Ancestor, hosted by Ross Ashcroft

Hay Festival 2020: Digital talk about the book, chaired by John Mitchinson, with acorn and marshmallow props! (£10 subscription to Hay Player required.)

RSA Interview: Discussion with regenerative economy expert Josie Warden about…well everything really, from cathedral thinking to biomimicry.

RSA Podcast: Discussion with Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the Royal Society of the Arts, about the big question of the 21st century: How can we be good ancestors?

BBC World TV: In this recording from the Hay Festival 2019 on Long-Termism: How to Think in Deep Time, I talk with astronomer Martin Rees and Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales.

David McWilliams Podcast: Discussion with the Irish economist and broadcaster about our responsibilities to future generations.

ABC Radio Australia: Interview with Jacinta Parsons on the roots of short-termism and what to do about it.

BBC Radio 4: The Cathedral Thinkers – Ian Sansom documentary where I discuss the pioneering Victorian sewer engineer Joseph Bazalgette.


BBC Future: Why We Need to Reinvent Democracy for the Long Term – an article on the politics of long-term thinking.

Long Now Foundation: Six Ways to Think Long Term: A Cognitive Toolkit for Good Ancestors – my ultimate overview article of the book.

Open Democracy: article on Four Ways to Redesign Democracy for Future Generations.

Aeon/Psyche magazine: article on Why Should We Care About Future Generations?

Open Democracy: article on Do We Need Benign Dictators to Deal With the Climate Crisis?

Five Books: Interview with Caspar Henderson on my top five books about long-term thinking.

Intergenerational Foundation: article of the Three Long-Term Pathways for Human Civilisation

Other media: York Festival of Ideas, Greenbelt podcast, Sunday Independent (Ireland), Knack Weekend (Belgium), Joju Solar, Sustainababble podcast, Dear Lovejoy podcast, Futures podcast, Bookomi podcast, Just Festival talk, Sustain What? webcast, Hans Ulrich Obrist in Tages Anzeiger newspaper (Switzerland), MO Magazine (Belgium), Zestology podcast, How To Academy podcast, Sustainability Agenda podcast