Are you ready to be a time rebel?

There is an emerging global movement of ‘time rebels’ dedicated to intergenerational justice and long-term thinking. Here are links to some of the most important organisations, thinkers and doers that are leading the way and that have inspired my book The Good Ancestor.

Politics and Public Policy

Alpenglow – promoting long-term thinking in UK public policymaking

Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity – leading academic think thank for long-term post-growth ideas

EIT Climate-KIC – European long-termism project

Dark Matter Labs – strategic design lab developing ‘experimental probes’ into long-term thinking

Foundation for Democracy & Sustainable Development – UK think tank focusing on future generations

Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations – German think tank for intergenerational justice

Future Generations Commissioner for Wales – public office working for tomorrow’s generations

Good Ancestor Podcast – hosted by Layla Saad, author of the powerful book Me and White Supremacy

Graham Smith – leading scholar on democratic futures and citizens’ assemblies

Intergenerational Foundation – advocating for intergenerational fairness in the UK

Our Children’s Trust – fighting for future generation rights in the US

Participation in Long-Term Decision-Making (PALO) – Finnish research project

Pardee Centre for the Study of Longer-Range Futures – academic centre for futures thinking

School of International Futures – foresight thinking for future generations

Research Institute for Future Design, Japan – citizen-based long-term policy planning (website currently only in Japanese)

Simon Caney – University of Warwick political theorist working on intergenerational justice

Today for Tomorrow – campaigning for a Future Generations Commissioner for the UK

World Future Council – working to bring intergenerational justice into the heart of policy-making across the globe.

Ecology and Economics

2040 film – envisioning an ecological future based on today’s technologies

Circle Economy – leading the Dutch regenerative economy

Club of Rome – network of long-term thought leaders in public policy and systems thinking

David Suzuki Foundation – holistic long-thinking about the planet

Doughnut Economics Action Lab – putting economist Kate Raworth’s ideas into action

Exploration Architecture – Michael Palwyn’s studio for regenerative design

Fab City Global Initiative – circular economies, FabLabs, cosmo-local production

Fridays for Future – Greta Thunberg and students worldwide striking for climate action

Green Belt Movement – planting and empowering for the long-term across Africa

Janine Benyus – founder of the Biomimicry Institute, introducing her revolutionary thinking

Rewilding Britain – taking regenerative thinking into the living world

Tellus Institute – systems thinking for a planetary civilization

Society, Culture and Beyond

BBC Deep Civilisation – article series on long-term thinking

Centre for the Study of Existential Risk – Cambridge University research centre for very long-term thinking

Deep Time Walk – take a journey into the deep history of the living Earth with this ingenious and inspiring app

Future Library – Katie Paterson’s visionary 100-year art project

Future of Humanity Institute – Oxford University research centre for very long-term thinking

Into Eternity – beautiful and disturbing film about the Onkalo nuclear waste facility in Finland

Jim Moray – the folk singer’s Sounds of Earth is amongst the best songs about long-term thinking

Kim Stanley Robinson – the greatest living fictional writer about the future (in my humble opinion)

Long Now Foundation – global thought leaders on long-term thinking

Longpath – smart thinking for being a good ancestor, founded by Ari Wallach

Longplayer – Jem Finer’s 1000-year-long music project

Long Time Project – cultural interventions with a long view

Stuart Candy – pioneering experiential futures designer and teacher

Svalbard Global Seed Vault – preserving biodiversity for the next 1000 years

Superflux – design agency focused on experiential futures