The Power of Outrospection (10min) is my RSA Animate that reveals the power of empathy to transform society. (See also the original talk on which it was based.)
How to Start an Empathy Revolution (17min) is a talk I gave at TEDx Athens. From human libraries to babies teaching empathy, here are the ingredients for turning empathy into a force for personal and political change.
How to Find Fulfilling Work (15min) is a talk recorded live at the Union Chapel in London, where I offer five essential ideas for career change from my book How to Find Fulfilling Work.
The Six Varieties of Love (11min) reveals why the Ancient Greeks were far more sophisticated in the art of loving than we are today, and argues that we need to get over our addiction to romantic love. Based on ideas from my book The Wonderbox.
Real tennis in the Age of Henry VIII (2min) This is a clip from a TV documentary on Hampton Court Palace (first broadcast in the US on PBS). I discuss Henry’s addiction to real tennis while playing on the palace’s ancient tennis court.